Description of the WG activities

This working group is dedicated to raise awareness of new tools and methodology developed in the wider French community to do cosmology. The tools must be understood in a wide sense: it may be large software stack, online websites, or Mathematica© notebook.

Who we are

The WG is currently (2022-2024) lead by:

Rationale / Objectives

This Working Group aims at sharing and helping the development of tools for which the needs are common to all the actors of the GDR.

It includes:

The activities of this WG rely on specific mathematical technical developments, which will probably require developing links with colleagues in other institutes. Most of the issues addressed in this WG are also closely related to the increasing use of machine learning techniques and the need for specific computational methods and computing centers (high-performance computing, big data). All these topics will be at the heart of the WG, which will organize dedicated meetings once or twice a year.